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aka Misha

  • I live in Jacob's Mansion Universe
  • I was born on February 24
  • My occupation is Classified infomation.
  • I am in a rainy town where balloons dance with devils.
  • Shiina-Misha-Mikado

    Just a little update on the creative side of me. SO FAR, my dreams have been an absolute nightmare. Those who I have told know about what this certain dream is about and it is putting me off in a horrible way. Not only that my printer/scanner has stopped working, or It did a few weeks back for no reason so I am getting a new one. Not only that, My usb has decided to suddenly die am I am quite angry at that because it was containing all of my recently done work including pictures/sketches/tracings are now gone except for the ones that I did on tracing paper and sketch book.

    However... I have some good news. I went on a typing spree and I finished about 14 chapters on my John matthews story (Or should I say, its new title is "Mutagenic Legend…

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  • Shiina-Misha-Mikado

    I finally got it done!!! :D

    As some people know (Mostly people on the wiki chat), I've taken up sketching and tracing as a hobby and for the past few days and a week, I've been working on one of my characters in anime style. It was annoying as hell but I after several mistakes and several snapped pencils I had finally finished and uploaded the completed drawing. A higher quality is on my wordpress.

    Not sure if this counts as a spam blog or not ( I hope not) but I wanted to share that I had finally finshed something I'm proud of.

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  • Shiina-Misha-Mikado

    I have decided I want your current opinion for my drawing of my "Companion" Jessica, because I'm an beginner. It is a work in progress but its coming along.

    Jessica post.

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  • Shiina-Misha-Mikado

    I will be unable to access the chat due to my college not letting me use it for some reason, and my internet at home currently slowed down to dial-up speed due to my cousin not paying the internet bills. It is a shame that I can't converse with the ladies and gentlement of the Creepypasta Wiki via the chat, but I hope that I shall have the net sped back up by friday.

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  • Shiina-Misha-Mikado


    February 28, 2012 by Shiina-Misha-Mikado

    Hey there, I joined this wiki becaused the stories on here intrest me considerably.

    I am looking forward to future stories that are to come.

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