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  • Shichii

    Halloween has passed, and holiday season is about to come. Though the snow ain't falling and the sun just keeps on shining on this side of the earth, people here in the Philippines try their best to make the holiday season merry every year. They would decorate their homes with lots of Christmas lights, wreaths, and any other Christmas ornaments that are available in the stores. Some would improvise, creating decorations even with scrap materials. That's how special Christmas is for Filipinos. But there's just one thing that's not good within the merriment. People opt to do evil things just to gain much.

    Whenever the -Ber Months arrive, as soon as people start to arrange their Christmas trees, muggers begin plotting evil plans. The crime rat…

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  • Shichii

    Third eye, Activated!

    October 29, 2011 by Shichii

    First of all, the reason I wrote this blog post is so that my blog area won'tbe empty (oyeh! rock on!) and I also don't think my first encounter with theparanormal is that creepy. (Well for me it is but I don't know about you guys) I'm just going to make this entry as casual as possible.

    I really didn't have any sixth sense when I was young. I just loved playing jokes on my friends and classmates that I can see ghosts and other unearthly creatures. I loved how they get chills down their spine when I tell them "Oooooh! There, I see... a woman in white!" How I laughed silently when they almost got teary eyes from that joke. But it seems, as time passed by, and I got tired playing jokes on my friends, the joke was played on me.

    I found new fri…

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