Hello, everyone! My name is Shayne and I am of native descent. I may be an amature writer, but I do look to others for help. This means you, as a community, can help in any way possible (edit my pastas, give me feedback, etc.) I may warn that most of what I have written so far is basically just cliche but I am developing my own style.

Now to business. A couple days ago, I was banned for posting "non-OC" material in the user submission page. I did, in fact, write these stories myself. I went to edit the user submissions page but got dragged from my seat to watch fireworks with my family (as it was Aboriginal day). This caused me to come back around half an hour later to a ban.

I was a little upset at first but I learned my lesson. Always, always, ALWAYS! Make sure to list the pasta in the article listing and the user submissions (if I wrote it). Also, if you read this far into my blog entry, I just want to let you know that this is a means of recording what I should remember. In other words, I won't forget if I post.

By now, you're probably bored. I have a task for you. I'd like to find out whether or not my pastas are even worthy to be up on this site. I love this site too much to down grade it with my mediocre pasta creations. So, please, give me some feed back. :) ...I hope I'm not violating any rules with this blog.