This blog concerns In Torment. In you have not read it, a link to the original is right here- In Torment

Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community! In Torment is my most recent Creepypasta, and is branching into a series. the second, which has the working name of In Torment In Hell, is seeking to be better in every category than the first.

In Torment In Hell will continue the story of Jackson and Natalie, but take place a total of one year later. There will be more mind twisting paradoxes, and hopefully it will answer a few of the questions the first left unanswered. Right now, In Torment In Hell is at the drawing board, meaning I'm constructing the plot pre-writing. This stage will most likely last for another day before actual production begins.

Keep an eye out for more secret messages and hidden meanings, because just like the first, the sequel ripe with them.