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Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. Currently, I have two stories ready to be written. Unable to chose between the two, I decided I'd have it stand as a bit of a choice.

Oceanic- A remake/complete revamp of an old story of mine, it will stand as the origin story for Michael Asher, a character I've used in the In Torment series. It will explain his entire backstory, taking place on a fishing boat far off the Floridan coast, in 1985. You may notice that it is impossible, with him being in his 20's in In Torment III (2015). There is a full explanation for this, that this story will highlight.

In Torment 4- The End of the In Torment series. You may continue to see any characters whom happen to survive in later stories connected to the lore, but In Torment 4 is the complete end of the Natalie/Joseph story arch. Climatic, and back to the lovely horror. Taking place a few months after In Torment III, certain characters will know things you won't. People may be keeping things secret. This'll all be broken.

All I can say, is an old nightmare will be coming back.

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