This is an argumentative/topical blog post. If these are not your things, I suggest you avoid reading further.

Whenever I find a good Pasta with any sort of warning/flag on it (I.E. "Offensive Content", "Rape", "Phobia Abusing") my opinion suddenly drops of it. I believe the Creepypasta community is above these things over all, and we don't need a layer of protection to stop "Offensive Content". Thankfully, it is hardly ever done on the wiki, but it is everywhere on other Creepypasta sources.

The protection to not get offended by Creepypastas stops the disturbing factors from ever spreading. Since when did Creepypasta get renamed Tumblr?

Certain aspects should be learned from the Author of the story, and what to expect from them. For instance- my own Creepypastas often share a very Anti-Christian view and standpoint, but that doesn't mean I need to put a OFFENSIVE TO CHRISTIANS flag above it.

Horror needs no boundaries. The only single acceptable "Trigger warning" is our NSFW flag.

Again, this hardly ever happens on the Wiki, but I thought it needed to be said.

Do you have a different opinion on the topic? Comment below and state why.