Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. Whilst I won't go as in-depth as many of the other blogs users have been making on similar topics, I'm simply going to attempt to state my inactivity in a very vague form.

After starting Mantle (the final part of the In Torment series), I went into a two month period of immense business. If I wasn't at a campsite, I was caught up with friends. If I wasn't caught up with friends, I was doing some sort of odd job. If I wasn't doing some sort of odd job, I was attempting to land a full time job to start saving money. On top of this, a relative died, so a good amount of time went into that affair (burials are not easily planned). A big reason, on top of the rampant business, is that my psychotherapy sessions have been rescheduled and are now back to biweekly appointments, as opposed to the brief monthly.

All together, I thought this was an important notice to post. I will finish the In Torment series, Mantle will be released (hopefully soon), and I have plenty of projects afterwards of relatively similar size and lore-depth as the series I am now finishing. To everyone that said they looked forward to reading Mantle/have read the series so far, I apologize for the delay.