So, a while back we had a user talk about starting a Creepypasta narration channel. We get these sort of forum posts frequently, so no one really paid much attention, aside from those wanting to have their stories narrated. I subscribed to the channel and came back to it today, and they weren't fucking around.

Reel Paw Productions narrates creepypastas in a fashion relatable to Tales from the Crypt (nostalgia alert), with a persona even built for the videos, just like that show. The production value is "alright", but it's interesting to see someone actually take this route, as opposed to the "I will now narrate a story over a black screen with the name on it" route. The account has plenty of content uploaded, but hardly any views on those videos. Over the course of nine months it has been producing these videos regularly, on a scheduled basis, without ever deriving from it. I thought that dedication of that level at least deserved some publicity.

Small authors and small channels tend to get along, especially when the channels actually give credit to the damned authors (which this one does, thankfully, by providing a link to the original post of the story).

I'm sure most of us grew up watching Tales from the Crypt, so if you're up for a nostalgia trip, why not?