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So, I'm not really mentioned much, but when I am, I tend to be a very hard and direct critic with massive reviews, trying to get a struggling author to understand everything wrong with their story. This is the opposite. Time to get some lesser known Masterpieces out there, that I am actually baffled that they have not erupted yet.

Tobit: The Bleeding Sky -A Character development masterpiece in every sense of the word, the characters and actual lore (something hardly seen in a Creepypasta) grip you and do not let you go, even after reading.

Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman -Take no comedy in the statement I am about to say. Blacknumber1 could very well be the next Slimebeast in terms of success. I could put any of his stories on this list and it would count, but this is a perfect example of how to do suspense and mystery in one. -Ok, this isn't on the wiki, but it's Another Creepypasta community is still a Creepypasta community we can look at. This story claims to be based on a true story, and gives pictures for just about everything, making it all more interesting. It's an adaption of an original feed of posts on the r/Nosleep forums on reddit, so it's available there as well.

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