Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community! I have a special gift today- this might be a shorter entry, but it will actually include a link to the film within this post. Don't worry about copyright and such, as you'll find out, this film is beyond that point, or so to speak.

The Haunted Castle

Created in 1896, Georges Méliès (A Trip to the Moon- the first Science Fiction film), created The Haunted Castle (titled Le Manoir du diable), which is credited as being both the first horror movie in existence, but also the first film to use supernatural beings.

The film is about two cavaliers whom enter a castle, which is occupied by Mephistopheles, which in this movie, is an incarnation of Satan himself. A battle ensues between the cavaliers and Mephistopheles, where one is shown as brave but easily swoon, and one is shown as a coward. The fight is both comical and follows a very basic sketch formula, resulting in what I would call "Charlie Chaplin vs Dracula".

Mephistopheles is shown turning into a bat, and wears a black cape at all times. In fact, if you had no idea what this film was about, you might have even convinced him with Dracula during the first scene.

Its length of three minutes is minuscule by today's standards, but back then, it was revolutionary. This was as excellent as film production went.

Both innovating in practical effects and being directed by Méliès, whom accidentally discovered the stop trick, this film was also an excellent punch into different styles of filming, rather than casual shooting.

There is not much to say about The Haunted House, due to its age and short length, but for a film well over a century old, I say you all give it a watch. Instead of the usual recommendation, I leave you with the film itself.
Le Manoir du Diable (1896)03:18

Le Manoir du Diable (1896)

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