Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome back to Shocktober. Today is a special day, because today, we will be speaking about yet another classic- one that no one can escape. And no, we won't be speaking about the 80's remake. While not exactly a bad film, it does not match up to this one, and tried to chance the center of the plot.

The blob

Focusing on the population of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the plot follows a young teen named Steve Andrews and his friends, as a strange meteor lands nearby. From within the meteor is a giant corrosive space amoeba, which devours all life it comes across. As they struggle for survival against an enemy that grows with each meal.

Released in 1958 under director Irvin Yeaworth, this film genuinely disturbed the more conservative masses of the time. Ideas such as digestion of the living, and the idea of something generally thought to only be able to harm us through infection actually being able to actively hunt us was something the masses were not prepared for-or so it seemed.

On a budget of $110,000,the film gained 4 million dollars in the box office. Obviously, the shock was a good shock.

This film was the first of many great movies to star Steve McQueen (The Great Escape, The Towering Inferno), acting as his professional debut.

With many memorable scenes still fresh in everyone's mind, even years after viewing (the phone booth, the theater, the diner), that just goes to show the excellence in progression this film displayed.

October may be a bit of a tricky season for those whom are easily spooked, but we all know- it's not that bad once you digest all of it.

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