Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Shocktober. I know what you're thinking. "Why a sequel? Won't we need to know the plot of the original Sleepaway Camp?" My only response is to say the sequel is much better than the original in my eyes. Whilst the original is ok, the sequel is a film I genuinely enjoyed.

Sleepaway Came 2

In the 80s, Slasher films were a dime a dozen. Under every table was a new film, with a new plot. Most films tried to distance themselves from the stereotypes, but got caught in them instead. Sleepaway Camp 2, thankfully, is not one of those cases.

Released in 1988, this film had a plot to continue, with no mysterious way to do so. So, a choice was made. A good choice.

The plot of Sleepaway Camp 2 focuses on "Angela", the killer from the first movie, returning to the camp (Camp Arowak) "she" killed many victims at, after leaving the psychiatric hospital. Picking off every camper that breaks the rules, or does anything "bad" (drugs, having sexual intercourse, swearing), the character cast of every cliche in existence has to try to put together what is going on, as campers begin to disappear, and their parents insist they did not get home.

That's the difference between Sleepaway Camp 2 and every other Slasher film of the 80s. The killer was revealed at the end of the first film. In this movie, Angela is treated as the main character, and we see her complete the killings. The characters know less than the viewers, and it is not an equal playing field.

Angela is played by Pamela Springsteen, younger sister of acclaimed musician Bruce Springsteen. She actually does a very good job in this film as an actress, and nails the part just as much as anyone could have asked of her. Her voice and attitude is perfect for the role and character.

Filmed on a budget of $465,000 by Michael Simpson, a director whom is not very well known, though that might be because he only directed three films, two of which are in the Sleepaway Camp series.

Unlike the first film, which was completely serious, this film (and the sequel) take on a black comedy tone, to add to the horror. Many references are made, including a kill with Freddy's bladed glove, Jason's hockey mask/appearance, and a kill with a chainsaw whilst wearing a face, reminiscent of Leatherface.

John Altyn-Sleepaway03:10

John Altyn-Sleepaway

The soundtrack to this film is phenomenal, given the resources/decade/genre, and just shouts of campy horror goodness when you listen to it. Featuring a mostly rock/punk-like soundtrack made specifically for the films, I have linked the themseong/credits song of this film to the right. I recommend giving it a listen.

Overall, if you are looking for a campy slasher film this October, I could not recommend this film to you enough. You might not be scared, but you'll have plenty of fun watching it.

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