Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Shocktober. Here is a film most of us have seen, or at least heard about. If you aren't aware of the film, well, stick around for the background. You're most likely aware of it in some way/shape/form.


A story about experimentation and a lack of morals for science, Re-animator focuses on Herbert West, as he attempts to create a vaccine which "re-animates", aka brings back to life, dead things. After testing on cats and seeing rather violent behavior, he brings humans back to life, among other subjects. Cannibalistic and frenzied, these "creations" are violent to the core. These crazy zombies stay impossible to kill, as even a decapitation results in a head and body being alive. "I gave him life!" will stick in your head after seeing the plot in action.

Loosely based on the tale from H. P. Lovecraft, (Herbert West–Reanimator), this film has a nice mixture of comedy, horror, and over the top gore. Reminiscent of Braindead/Dead Alive in gore levels, this film has many shock scenes to go along. (Cunnilingus via decapitated head being the most memorable).

Released in 1985, with a budget just under one million, Re-Animator became a cult classic, even earning an X rating in some rare cases. (This film does not deserve that rating, as you don't exactly see any full frontal nudity in any way- it is only implied. I blame a more sensitive crowd on this Unrated/Uncut Version). I would not bring children to view this film with you, but it certainly isn't something all kids should steer clear of. The main problem kids would have is gore.

Directed by Stuart Gordon, the film also gained a musical in 2011. Yes, it reached the point it received an official musical edition, and it actually did very well. Nothing says "horror" like an awkwardly constructed concert for a zombie film.

Taking zombies and pushing them away from all cliches we hold them to, Re-Animator certainly did its job. Even gaining two sequels (Bride of Re-Animator in 1990, and Beyond Re-Animator in 2003), it even stretched into other forms of media (Dr. Herbert West comic book series), neither of the other movies were directed by Stuart Gordon, nor do they live up to the original.

Nothing like Re-Animator to bring October back to life.

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