Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Shocktober. A threat from beneath the waves, that effected the phobias of us, on land, for decades- going as far as the make the entire comprehension of a specific species different. Today, it's Jaws.


Released in 1975 with a budget of 9 million dollars, this Hollywood title made an immediate splash. Directed by Steven Speilberg (Jurassic Park, E.T.), all of his expertise showed brilliantly, and he tackled horror/suspense perfectly.

Though based on the 1974 novel by the same name, written by Peter Benchley, this film does not perfectly follow that book, and does make large, notable changes, but actually overcomes the original story. It is also worth noting that Peter Benchley wrote the first drafts of the story for the film.

When a child, among other swimmers, is killed by a shark, the mother offers a large bounty. It is accepted by Quint, a professional shark hunter, Brody, the chief of police, and Hooper, an oceanographer. Unbeknownst to them, the shark is of massive proportions, with a bloodlust only stopped by death itself.

The film caused a massive uproar upon release, and the views of sharks, along with swimming at beaches, were changed so drastically the effects still remain. We constantly hear about phobias being abused in film for extra shock, but we almost never hear about phobias being created.

The musical score and effects in this film are absolutely fantastic, and are matched only by the undying suspense. Every moment is a build up, that the film follows through will. We all know the great theme that goes along with the shark's approach, and signature underwater camera effects.

The casting, especially for the three main characters, was great as well. None of them put on a bad show, and all of them feel believable. Each with a different personality and archetype, the way they communicate and act around each other is believable, especially in moment of panic.

Making $470.7 million dollars in the box office, this film was a gigantic success, with it's imprint forever left on society as a whole.

If you are afraid of the ocean, chances are, this film is to blame. Get to know your fears.

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