Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome back to Shocktober. Breaking the streak of widely acknowledged films, we are taking a look at another low budget horror film, this time with an all-star cast.


Hatchet is a slasher film released in 2006, and directed by Adam Green (Spiral, Grace) on a budget of $208,550 USD. Adam Green is known for low-budget horror films, and I would consider this his biggest accomplishment, in terms of horror.

The plot revolves around Marybeth Dunston and Ben (last name unknown), as they go on a swamp tour through New Orleans with an extensive group of friends and strangers via boat. When the boat breaks down, they are informed of a curse involving Victor Crowley, whom lived in the swamp.

His house was lit on fire by teenagers whom wanted to see him, and his father grabbed an axe to open the door. Breaking through, he accidentally hits Victor in the head, and this is the origin of house killer. Armed with an axe and inhuman strength, Victor begins hunting the large sum of people whom are in his territory.

The plot, as you have realized by now, isn't that special. Victor's strength and brutality does lead to some good kills, and the effects, especially gore, are over the top and look great in most cases. For any gorehound, this film absolutely is for you.

But say you prefer the classic horror films, over an absurd amount of gore, and kills that pretty much defy logic in many cases. Is this film still for you? I'd say so.

Robert Englund (Freddy; A Nightmare on Elmstreet) makes an appearance, and Kane Hodder (Jason; Friday the 13th- New Line Cinema era) plays Victor Crowley himself. Watching the man's interviews, he goes in depth of how he got into character for both Jason and Victor, and the man is a master at what he does.

As I said, an all-star cast, where even the lesser characters are played by major actors. Seeing the small budget really shocks when you take this into effect, and even moreso when you realize, at first, this was released for a film festival.

Overall, despite the initial reception from critics, and not exactly having the best plot in history, this film is a very fun time to watch, and bloody fun can't be topped.

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