Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Shocktober. No movie owns the b-movie world as well as Ghoulies and the similar films that use the formula. (Critters, Munchies). Dark twists and bright comedy mix together in a film, that you probably won't even know you if love it or hate it when it is over.


Released in 1985, this film centers mostly around Jonathan Graves and his girlfriend, whom inherit his father's old house. He eventually discovers his father's old Devil Worship, and falls into it himself. His friends act as the typical cast for any horror movie to "remove", as the ghoulies, small demons, he summons used to serve his father, whom eventually returns from the grave.

By the end of the movie, it is a battle between good Devil Worship and evil Devil Worship, using the ghoulies and other magical powers to fight. If that isn't the most metal concept ever, get out of my face. That's about all the plot I can say.

This film did not have the world's highest budget, and trust me, it shows in some places. This can be a turn off for some, but for b-movie fans, they'll be right at home.

Luca Bercovici directs this movie (Rockula), and the special effects are done by John Carl Buechler (whom directed Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood).

You will not get a film with buckets of blood being thrown at the screen every few minutes, and you will not get a film that will scare you. This is a b-movie in every usage of the word, but you will get some funny moments if you watch with friends, and some memorable scenes. The horror aspect falls short, but in typical 80's fashion, it is still there.

It isn't a bad movie, it isn't a great movie. It's a b-movie. Ghoulies is a fun trip.

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