Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Shocktober. After seeing the title, you most likely have plenty of questions. "Why part 3?" is most likely the largest one, which I will explain. Part 1 was Jason's mother, not the beloved horror icon himself, and Part 2 did not have the hockey mask, which this part did. This is where the icon was fully realized.

Friday the 13th part 3

Released in 1982, this slasher masterpice became a phenomenon that was only topped by Poltergeist, released the same year. On a budget of $2.25 million, this film earned $36.6 million in the box office.

Originally intended to be the end of a trilogy, it's odd thinking that there once was meant to be only 3 Friday the 13th films.

The plot is very basic, and I will not go into detail on the characters. A group of campers take their vacation to Camp Silver Lake, where Jason Vorhees himself has taken refuge. This is the classic story each film (usually) takes after, and the basis for a Friday the 13th film.

Taking place a single day after the second movie in the franchise, we see Jason injured, and in his weakest state- but he recovers after killing a couple and retrieving his mask. After regaining his strength, he begins the slaughter every slasher movie wants to replicate.

Directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th 1-3, The Last House on the Left), his skills come through here, than even in his other classics.

The camera angles feed the suspense, which in turn feeds the horror. Jason's face reveal is very well done and unforgettable, along with the scene that gives him his signature head scar/crack in the top right of the hockey mask.

Richard Brooker playing Jason Vorhees, he is the second most memorable act for this character. Behind only Kane Hodder, whom unfortunately played Jason only during the age New Line Cinema owned the licence. This film has the bulkiest, strongest looking version of Jason out of all.

This film cemented Jason Vorhees as the unforgettable, truly amazing horror icon he will forever be, and showed him in the most beautiful, horrifying light he was ever in. Watch, and have your October become a whole new world.

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