Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community. Today, we speak about a movie so influential to film as a whom, not just horror, that changed the world of motion picture media forever. For when it was released, if has a relatively high production value, a great budget, and A-list actors.


Dracula is a 1931 film based off of the novel by the same name from Bram Stoker. Though this movie does not really follow the plot of the novel very well, this is the most memorable, and important version. For a film that follows the novel, you can check out "Bram Soker's Dracula", a different, far more recent film.

Starring Bela Lugosi as Dracula, he is the reason we picture Dracula with slicked back black hair, a thick (Hungarian) accent, and the very specific body type. He actually appeared in a Broadway version of Dracula before this film was released, so he was perfect for the casting. This film launched one of the most amazing careers in film history.

Focusing on John Harker, a solicitor from England, we follow his journey through the plot. After his family friend Lucy is killed by Dracula by having her blood feasted on whilst sleeping, it is professor Van Helsing whom is testing Renfield, a character we saw during the intro's blood. He concludes vamparism (which he received from Dracula). This is where the plot takes off, and the fight against the crooked count himself begins in full.

Another film was based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, titled Nosferatu. Just as influential, though silent, this film is a century old golden ticket into kickstarting horror films as we know it. We all have the golden age of Hollywood horror to thank for our love of horror films, anyways.

A few of Dracula's powers are left out of modern cameos and appearances. A few including controlling wolves, not just turning into a bat but also controlling them as well, the mistresses (whom are also vampires), the fact the novel doesn't actually take place in Dracula's castle for the wide majority of the film, and the original, dirty, old look of Dracula. This more civil and upholding look is the one that clicked.

At the time, audience members were reported to have fainted in shock at the "horror premiering on the screen in front of them". Just shows you how far horror has come, and how desensitized we are as a people.

One of the greatest horror films ever released, and staring an absolute genius of acting, you'd be insane not to watch this movie this October.

It's essentially why we're here.

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