Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome back to Shocktober! You're in for a bit of over the top b-movie fun, with absolutely no logic at all. Just the way it should be in October. A wild ride from start to finish, you won't be screaming in terror, today. Most likely just in confusion.


The story focuses on a bunch of space prisoners called Crites whom escape via ship to Earth. Two bounty hunters are hired to kill all of the Critters, as they land on the blue planet, and begin tormenting the Brown family. The hunt for the creatures is given by the Bounty Hunters, and the hunt for the Brown family is given by the Critters.

Yes, it is a very ridiculous story. It's a ridiculous film in general. That doesn't mean you won't have fun, here. This film released in 1986, an absolute golden age for cheesy budget films. This film, along with Ghoulies and Munchies, (similar films, none of the three are connected) capture that feeling perfectly.

The Critters are small, and move around with great agility by curling up into a ball and rolling around. They are able to shoot their porcupine-like hairs through the air, and their jaws have a large some of biting force.

The effects are comprised of practical effects, and animatronics for the Critters. The animatronics, I must say, look far superior to the average b-movie, which would use a puppet at all times. These Critters look memorable, and only feed into the movie's feel.

Directed by Stephen Herek (The Mighty Ducks, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), it is hilarious to see that this star director got his beginnings from a horror movie, though you'll stop laughing once you notice that Critters earned $13,167,232 USD in the box office.

Outer space has unlimited possibilities for alien life to exist. For the sake of fun, I hope Critters are up there.

ShawnCognitionCP's Shocktober/Creepweek
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