Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome back to Shocktober! We spoke about Cannibal Holocaust, a well known, and highly infamous exploitation film, but now it is time for a film made in light of Cannibal Holocaust- Cannibal Ferox (also known as Make Them Die Slowly. No, this film is not a sequel, not even related to Cannibal Holocaust.

Cannibal Ferox

Focusing on a group of friends whom go to Paraguay to disprove cannibalism in indigenous tribes, this group ventures into the thick jungles, to find the tribe they were looking for. Generally accepting and even giving shelter to the friends, the tribe is friendly. Eventually meeting two drug runners and abusers named Joe and Mike, the tribe becomes aggressive due to their actions, in the ultimate act of self defense.

Released in 1981, only a year after Cannibal Holocaust, Umberto Lenzi carried on the towel of Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) in full. The French Cannibal boom, as it is called, was fueled majorly by these two films.

The distrubitor of the film called it "the most bloody film ever made", and I must say, the effects are pretty good. This exploitation film succeeds in the shock it attempts to deliver.

Sadly, the exploitation film's cliches extend to this film, resulting in it being banned in 31 countries, some of which have only recently lifted the ban. All animal death and torture in the film is genuine, though unlike Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox never claimed, nor pretended, the human gore was real.

Everyone whom has seen this movie remembers the hooks scene and the deaths, and that is a good show of the imagery you can expect from Cannibal Ferox. It is memorable, if not openly welcoming you to view the gore that lies inside.

The musical score of the film is absolutely amazing, and the theme song is memorable, while also remaining super catchy. The setting is complimented entirely by the music, perfecting the isolated, yet wild, feeling of the film.

The film does support an actual meaning, and just like Cannibal Holocaust, holds deeper meaning. The tribe only acted in defense, and vengeance. The tribe was peaceful until they were abused, killed, and tortured, and they only wanted to protect themselves with the land they loved. Human nature and conquest is deeply explored in this film, so I can assure you, the shock and gore, while excessive to most people, is not meaningless.

There you have it. The Cannibal boom's two biggest films have both been covered in Shocktober, and the most famous exploitation films ever. I leave you with a song which uses the theme of Cannibal Ferox as an opening (the first whole minute exactly), for the metal fans of the wiki.

Hymen Holocaust - Till Death Do Us Part04:26

Hymen Holocaust - Till Death Do Us Part

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