Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to the first day of Shocktober. October is finally with us, and that means you'll be seeing one of these every day until it's over. I'll be highlighting some well known movies, some hardly known movies, and everything in between, as long as it fits the feel of Halloween, or had an effect on the industry.


Today's movie: Alien. I'm sure we all know about this franchise by know, as it's one of the most important movies released. Boasting the achievement of inspiring everything from the feeling of 90's slashers, to the game franchise Halo (which changed that form of media as well), Horror, nor Science Fiction, were the same after its release.

Releasing on May 25, 1979, under director Ridley Scott, this Horror/Suspense film is the true definition of a masterpiece, from a master hand.

Though Jaws, Psycho, and similar films opened the doors for Horror/Suspense, it was Alien that busted open the floodgates. I won't get into the advanced lore (Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, Engineers, types of Xenomorphs), as we will be focusing on the movie itself.

Starring Sigourney Weaver, the film follows the crew of the Nostromo, under the corporation (Weylan-Yutani), whom receive a distress call from Acheron (LV-426), a colonized planet. Upon arrival, they find a crashed ship, supposedly several millennia old, and a facehugger attaches itself to a member's face. This is what unknowingly welcomes a Xenomorph unto the Nostromo, and what starts the slaughter.

That's the best run-down I can give without spoiling the movie for those whom haven't watched. I must say, though most of the bloodshed is slightly off screen, or implied, the deaths are genuinely well crafted, and the design for the ship itself, and the Xenomorph, are expertly done.

This is do to the caring hand of Swedish designer and painter, H. R. Giger. What Ray Harryhausen was to stop motion, H. R. Giger was to Alien design. This guy also made artwork for several fantastic albums that the metal community would appreciate- such as Carcass' Heartwork, and Celtic Frost's To Mega Theorion. He even made album covers for Triptykon and Danzig. That's a track record that won't be topped.

Essentially, there is a reason this is often regarded as one of the best films ever made, and it certainly earns the reputation. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie this October. You might just find the suspense until Halloween that much more bearable.

Just do yourself another favor as well- if you chose to watch Alien, watch Aliens (the sequel) and Prometheus (the disconnected prequel) as well. I'd leave out Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, though.

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