Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community! In the upcoming spirits of October, I'll be holding an event, titled Shocktober. Each day of the month, I'll be posting a blog on a movie to watch for the horror-filled season we all love so much. Each blog will detail the movie's plot (in a mostly non-spoiler like fashion), speak about controversy around the film, and the influence it had.

For the week before that (starting today, September 24th), I will be hosting Creepweek. I will be doing a similar thing to Shocktober, except with Creepypastas that really hit the season's feelings on the head. Each day you can expect to see a splendid story, until October starts. Who knows? Maybe your own story will be hosted.

Each day of Shocktober and Creepweek will have their blog linked here for organization reasons, below this line of text. It all starts today.


September 24th- Creepweek: Out in the Woods

September 25th- Creepweek: Tobit: The Bleeding Sky

September 26th- Creepweek: Julia Legare

September 27th- Creepweek: Skinwalker

September 28th- Creepweek: The Ghoul

September 29th- Creepweek: Through the Trees

September 30th- Creepweek: Finale

October 1st- Shocktober: Alien

October 2nd- Shocktober: Cannibal Holocaust

October 3rd- Shocktober: Pumpkinhead

October 4th- Shocktober: Dracula

October 5th- Shocktober: Re-Animator

October 6th- Shocktober: The Fly

October 7th- Shocktober: Braindead (Dead Alive)

October 8th- Shocktober: Ghoulies

October 9th- Shocktober: Halloween

October 10th- Shoctober: The Thing

October 11th- Shocktober: The Wolf Man

October 12th- Shocktober: Hatchet

October 13th- Shocktober: Jaws

October 14th- Shocktober: The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

October 15th- Shocktober: Friday the 13th part III

October 16th- Shocktober: A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 17th- Shocktober: Frankenstein

October 18th- Shocktober: The Blob

October 19th- Shocktober: Cannibal Ferox

October 20th- Shocktober: Nosferatu

October 21st- Shocktober: The Evil Dead

October 22nd- Shocktober: Critters

October 23rd- Shocktober: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

October 24th- Shocktober: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

October 25th- Shocktober: Psycho

October 26th- Shocktober: The Exorcist

October 27th- Shocktober: Poltergeist

October 28th- Shocktober: The Haunted Castle

October 29th- Shocktober: The Phantom of the Opera

October 30th- Shocktober: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

October 31st- Shocktober Finale: Real Life Snuff