Hello Creepypasta Wiki Community! I'm going to pretend this is relevant, because the bands I speak about here cover horror themed lyrics.

One of the saddest things in music is noticing a favorite band of yours, or one you carry with nostalgia, has sold out or changed their sound for the worse, only attempting to get more fame.

My example for this would have to be Dimmu Borgir.

They went from playing the instrumental masterpieces of Glittertind-
Dimmu Borgir - Glittertind05:20

Dimmu Borgir - Glittertind

To this overproduced piece of shit made just so that they could get played during NHL games-

It doesn't even get the right to be posted on wikia. Copy and paste that link- but seriously don't. It sucks.

Other examples would be Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, ect.

My question to the community, is what are your most unfortunate cases of this happening?