Hello, Creepypasta Wiki users. I asked the userbase of the wiki a while back (as this series will be Creepypasta-wiki exclusive for an undetermined time after it's release) what their worst fears were, to see what the userbase's strings were. I said I would work in many of the user's fears, and I am staying to my promise.

The winners of the last collaboration, who's fears may get worked into In Torment are-

  • Diexilius -Fear of having to take one's own life
  • Theboywithburninghands -Fear of doing something forever unforgivable
  • A. V. Christine -Drowning, Isolation
  • Marziathecreeper -Fear of anyone thinking you're less than perfect
  • Tyberzannisultra -Insects
  • TheGamingSponge -Sleep paralysis
  • HumboldtLycanthrope -Rats and Rodents

My next question for you all is, what is "Pushing the Limits"? In Torment, especially the later entries, is a mature story that has a very high chance of earning a NSFW tag. Topics the stories are planned to touch upon include rape, gore attraction, extreme cases of phobias and other content that may be seen as offensive or over the edge for some users. My question today is, what in your honest opinion, is pushing the limits in horror?