Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community! I'm here to announce that a story titled Torment Simply Exists has been started, and will be complete very, very shortly. A few things out of the way, that clarify why this releases before In Torment III even begins being made.

  • It will be very short. About the size of two chapters from the other two stories
  • It will introduce the new character In Torment III revolves around
  • It will explain why Joseph and Natalie were angry at Jackson the morning In Torment started
  • It will further explain the time loop occurring at the end of In Torment in Hell
  • No deaths. Furthering details is all, and explaining some things that needed clarifying
  • The story will not exactly be horrific on its own, but isn't to be treated as a single story. Their won't be many scares, but it exists as a buffer for the first story. A sort of bridge, which will build on the others. Think of it as this- A pill doesn't immediately take affect. After a few minutes and a glass of water to wash it down, it works. Don't expect creeps from this story, but rather from the original two, being furthered by the details this story gives.