I really, really hate to burden this community with any silly request that seems like an attempt for attention in any way. It really does bother me to do this, because it feels like a dickbag way to get anything done, but I will continue to be inactive for a few days (last blog post explains), and wish to continue the In Torment series when I get back. I would like more insight on the previous editions, though. In Torment and In Torment in Hell have a few people whom are planning to review them to help me progress, but any extra hand in teaching is a hand I'm willing to take.

I hate to do this sort of thing, especially whilst in a period of inactivity, and I am not attempting to burden people into reading my story (that would be egotistical and asinine). Simply put, if anyone is looking for a story to read, and the timing of this blog conveniences you, I would appreciate it dearly.