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In Torment in the Writer's Workshop

Hello, members of the Creepypasta Wiki community. The first part of the In Torment series is now available in the Writer's Workshop for early viewing. Think of this as an Alpha of the story, and expect it to be changed slightly on official release. The story itself isn't so scary, but that's because it exists purely to set of the rest.

You can expect some mind-twisting time play, and suspense all over the place in the sequel and the rest of it's parts, and some further explanation for the questions the first raises. Keep in mind, part 2 is were it becomes a MATURE story. It will feature things people may not be very happy about at all.

Any criticism is loved, and the story will also have pictures, videos (scenes of the stories acted out, and some bonuses), and much more upon release, or a bit later.

Also, this story series will remain a CP Wiki exclusive for the time being. It will not be submitted elsewhere for a good chunk of time.

Have fun reading!

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