Hello, Creepypasta wiki community! I am here to announce that the sequel to my story, In Torment, is out and in the Writer's Workshop. There are a few things that you should know, if you intend to visit it.

  • This is not the full story. The ending 1-3 chapters are not included.
  • Does not contain the major twists and timebending that was promised. These will come in the end chapter(s)
  • It is large. Any review of any chapter is highly appreciated, and I would love any and all feedback!
  • A few unfriendly themes are seen and spoken about, though the worst is in the end chapter(s).
  • Yes, just like the first, subliminal and hidden messaging is very much a major part of the story. Plenty of my personal views, and even some others are hinted at and inside of the story.
  • The story is subject to change. That is why feedback is very much needed/appreciated.

Link to the story-