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Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. I'm here to announce the main plot for In Torment III was completed. Now I buffer through it and ding out loose ends before I begin writing. I would expect to start writing next weekend, probably Sunday.

Whilst I am waiting for In Torment in Hell to get a bit more attention before writing and publishing the next chapter (specifically reviews/feedback)- I will point out some little things that may need clarification for someone who has read the other two chapters.

  • This is not a continuation of Joseph's story arch. It focuses on a new interaction with a new character, but is heavily connected to Natalie's story arch.
  • The Title is obviously a set-in, and may be changed to something better than "In Torment III".
  • The timebending, paradox style story telling will continue heavily in this installment, but you can expect more of a psychological horror style.

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