Hello, Creepypasta Wiki users. I am here to announce the latest story, and possibly my biggest project yet to the open.

In Torment

In Torment will be a twisted, psychological horror story, set in a winter-struck town in Northern Pennsylvania, as a main setting. The story requires an announcement of this type for multiple reasons.

  • Sections/Chapters! In Torment will be released to this wiki in sections, or else it would be far to large. The story will be absolutely massive, and each part will tie into the mystery more and more.
  • The biggest story I've ever tackled! This story is not only big in size, but in scale. I promise entwining paths, each slowly building up to massive reveals. This Pasta will feature both classic horror elements, and those of brain-mulching psychological horror. Worn out cliches will be avoided.
  • Videos/Pictures! Along with the Pastas, there will be several videos, pictures, and *possibly* websites to go along with In Torment. Not only do I believe this will add to the horror, but it will allow for a larger story.
  • Realistic depictions! Extensive anatomy and consciousness research will allow this Pasta to haunt those who read it. This will not be a Gorepasta, but several sections will allow gore. There will not be an overdose of it.
  • Exclusive! At least for the starting period, and for a while after, In Torment will be an exclusive story to Creepypasta wiki. The Pasta will not be submitted to other Creepypasta websites, Magazines, Books, Story collections, or anything of the like for a select period that will be decided upon later.

-Some sections/chapters may require a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) flag, due to depictions and twisted elements.