Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. Usually, I have a strong aversion towards this type of advertising. I think it's pushy in most cases, hence not doing it for a very long time. After Oceanic proved to be a story that was very much liked, I immediately began taking on the next chapter in the series, In Torment 4. Michael (Oceanic, In Torment: Excubia, In Torment III) and Natalie (In Torment, In Torment: Excubia, In Torment in Hell) both return, and are together this time. Characters have changed, and there reason for doing so will be explained. There is only one part left in the series after In Torment 4, so expect the climax. Everything the (long) series has built up for will happen in this story.

The preview (first chapter of the story) exists to give readers a very thin idea of what's going on before the story releases, which may be a while.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback.


Chapter 2 has been uploaded to the Writer's Workshop as well.