I've recently asked for reviews before (about a week and a half ago, maybe a bit sooner), but it occurred to me, it was under an unrelated blog name. This is more straight forward. Just as a note, I hate doing this. I look down at myself asking for reviews, as I think these stories should be left for users to eventually come across on their own. But, sadly I've reached a point where my stories have become philosophy-styled again, in the wait of continuing the series. (Enlightenment of a War Machine and Speak the Truth are the same style as Coexistence and The Truth of Fear, which only occurred to me today. I don't like reusing a similar style that many times.)

I am in need for reviewers to look at In Torment and In Torment in Hell. Literally any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Just a note: There is no way I am stopping the series, so if I gave that idea at any time, know now- the series' next chapter is planned, and I am simply waiting for more reviews on those last two stories before I continue with the series. The series' concepts are fully outlined, and I even know what may happen in future stories.