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Horror Revised II Announcement

In case you missed it, last week I released the first story in the Horror Revised series. ( The series is about taking famous horror icons from legends and myths, and putting them in modern day, adding many twists. These stories use eyewitness accounts as influence, and seek to be a sort of new viewing toward the legends. This Halloween Special is proud to be getting a part II. The second story in the Horror Revised Series is going to be..

The Phantom of the Opera


As it will take a few days to release, I will reveal a few details, such as location. The story will be placed in, where else? The Sydney Opera House.

The Phantom will be based off of the original play's version of him, with the elements of other, more literal, Opera Phantoms.

This is going to be a MAUTRE story. Do not go in expecting it to be child friendly.

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