Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community. Today, I am here to discuss something a little less known, but just as far spread as any other form of moral in a story. Hidden messages, or their counterpart, subliminal/hidden themes.

A lot of Creepypasta authors have admitted to sneaking these in their story, and this is a place I would like all of you, if you've incorporated hidden messages, to reveal what they were meant to be all that while back when writing.

To start/Give an Idea, I'll start with an example.

16 Psyche- 16 Psyche has a slightly less obvious theme of human insignificance, and how we, just because we are born, are not some sacred relic.

Oceanic- The idea that no matter how much you try to escape, the creature wins. Everyone who met with it, no matter how long they survived, is going to be found. I do NOT recommend reading this story. It is old and outdated, and not up to par at all with my modern writing skills. I recommend waiting until In Torment releases, when there will be a fully realized remake of Oceanic.

So, what messages have you hidden in your stories, and what hidden clues did you give?