Hello, Creepypasta Wiki users and readers. I am here to tell you about a Halloween special event being done by myself. From now until October 31st (and perhaps a few days after), I will be launching a series of Creepypastas called Horror Revised. These are the details.


Horror Revised will be a series based around taking old legends and the most famous horror icons, and rewritting them into modern day. It will have several twists in each story, and one I may or may not be deserving of the NSFW flag. These stories will add more dark undertones, but focus on plot and scariness equally. This seems like a hard thing to pull off, but just hold by and wait.


These are the stories that may be released in this series.

  1. Dracula
  2. Frankenstien's Monster
  3. Goatman
  4. Jersey Devil
  5. Mothman
  6. Van Meter Monster
  7. Sleepy Hollow
  8. Werewolf
  9. Phantom of the Opera
  10. Lake Bodom


  • Intense gore in some scenes 
  • Extreme symbolism
  • It's a f*%^ing Creepypasta series