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Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community. I do not know how often, or if at all this has been done, but I'm going to take a moment to do it. The stories I have written have been influenced directly and indirectly by certain stories and users, and I want to put them out there.

The In Torment series (calling it a series, as the sequel is about to release, and the plot will continue passed the second) has been in my head for a while. Originally, it was going to be a single story that would have pretty much only have been about half as fleshed out. The idea of a series first came to me when I read a story, Nightlights by User:Pepman. His Nightlight story was meant to be a series, and for some reason that story stuck with me. Though it isn't exactly a great story by our standards, I will still recommend it. A less direct influence to me, but just as important, would be the entire Tobit: The Bleeding Sky series. Reading these stories gave me the will to continue with my own. Tobit belongs completely to User:Banningk1979.

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