Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community, and welcome to Creepweek. Today's Creepweek will be showcasing a more bizarre story, and probably the most well known story on this list as of now. Thick lore, a goat-esque deity reminiscent of Baphomet itself, rituals, and cults. No autumn season can go without the darker side of the Holiday. Hollywood has made it impossible.


I am, of course, speaking about Tobit: The Bleeding Sky. Though not the first story on the wiki to use the lore, it is the first story in the Tobit series. Cannibalistic cults, a prehistoric advanced humanity, and a book that tells the tale somehow getting under a road. Think Cannibal Holocaust on steroids. You'll even get a few nods towards Atlantis.

The reason this story made it onto the list, was because of the absolute novel-style writing that solidifies the entire story together. Though this story is disputably the most tame in the series, (something you wouldn't expect on a Halloween based event, we want blood, damnit!), it is still able to hold up in every category a story on this list should.

A character that reminds the reader of a classic horror icon? Sorry Goatman, we had a good run.

Horror overtones to match the attitude of the season? It's a horror story. Despite the relative tameness it may give off, there are some scenes of shock.

And most importantly- it takes you into its universe as a guest, and when you leave, you're waiting for the next visit. Almost as if you're being mindcontrolled. (If we get to much into this idea, Banningk will make White Zombie a reality).

This story is the start of an adventure, with each story adding more to the universe. But as far as just this story goes, it fits into Creepweek as much as any other, especially if you like Lovecraftian Horror. I don't believe it ever says what season it is in the story, so lets all pretend it's Autumn.

ShawnCognitionCP's Shocktober/Creepweek
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