Hello, Creepypasta Wiki community, and welcome to Creepweek. All of us know the man horror icons of film and literature, along with legend. As kids, we all had our imaginations run wild. Behind every corner- a potential threat. Paranoia or not, this was the spirit of Halloween.

The vampire, the werewolf, the zombie, all classic myths and legends which have found their way into our horror-loving media. But there is on more, well known type of monster, just as Halloween-esque as the rest. I'm, of course, talking about The Ghoul.

The only Poem to be featured on Creepweek, it feeds on the very place most of us would consider safe. Where we send our children to become adults, and prepare them for the world. Perhaps we are sending them to be an early lunch.

For those of you whom do not know what a Ghoul is, it started off as an evil spirit in Arabian mythology. Close to a zombie, but not quite, the first use was in One Thousand and One Nights, dated back to the 1300's. The first use in English literature being in 1786, it immediately found itself at home.

Often depicted as a rotting corpse with malicious intent, they mostly dig corpses out of the ground and feast on them. Described as both a "demon", and an "undead monster", the line between what is, and isn't a ghoul is often up for grabs.

It seems one has gotten tired of eating the dead. It is also the children, whom are up for grabs.

What better hunting grounds, than a school?

ShawnCognitionCP's Shocktober/Creepweek
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