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Creepweek: Julia Legare

Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community, and welcome to Creepweek. Haunted houses are a staple in the world that we often pair with October, be it a fun ride filled with cheap jumpscares, or a house with other visitors. Many of us have tasked ourselves, skeptic or believers, to hunt after what could very well be the world's best lighting effect.

Julia Legare2

This story focuses on someone whom likes visiting these twisted locations, exploring, and having fun. We all did it as children, don't lie. That's the spirit of October as a whole. Shock and awe, laughs and scares. Pranks and screams.

People have a fondness of taking otherwise explainable events, and turning it into legend. Folklore surrounding places, building upon the very culture of the surrounding area. Be it by natural, or more superficial reasons, we always have some sort of complex driving us towards these places, and Julia Legare is such a case.

Twisted halls of stone connected to a place once considered to be peaceful, this makes for a labyrinth of halls, corpses, and cold rock. Catacombs are a perfect maze.

Very few people make a real hobby out of it, but sometimes, we find something we actually can say, is real. Something that plays into another common fear most of us share. Claustrophobia can't hold a light to being buried alive.

Ex-church or not, a catacomb is a catacomb. Not only is this an area where dead rest, it's an area where things can go unnoticed.

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