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Confirming Details on in Torment III

Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community! I'm here just to clarify a few things that may be needed to be said about my new story about to start production, In Torment III.

  • This story focuses on a new character
  • This story is heavily connected to Natalie's story arch
  • This story will have darker overtones than both In Torment and In Torment in Hell
  • In Torment III is a WIP title. Possible titles listed below

-In Torment: Morningstar

-In Torment: Stillborn Survival

-In Torment in the Light

-Or simply, In Torment III

  • In Torment III will be less situational horror, and more psychological. Expect to see inside the mind of someone more accustom to The Tormentor and Mendes' presence
  • The majority of the story will explain The Tormentor's reality. This is where no one but chosen people exist, and reality can seemingly change in an instant.

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