Hello, Creepypasta Community! This question applies to everyone, because as fans of Creepypasta, we are all either fans of horror or suspense. The question is simple: why do you love horror?

For me, the answer lies in some things I won't fully go into detail about, but I'm pretty sure I discovered the source. Literally since I was born, my entire female family have worked in the medical profession. This pretty much assured that I never saw gore as a "gross" or "off putting" thing, and thus grew up watching 80's slashers and horror films. Aliens is the first film I ever remember watching, and it has been my favorite movie for life. Friday the 13th is pretty major as well.

Since part of my family also has a pretty big interest in genealogy, it was also assured I never thought of death in the certain way that others usually did. I've always seen it as a full part of the circle of life, and a needed end. I never got the notion of wanting to live for hundreds of years, or immortality. Death is just as important as birth, as it's what allows other life to spawn. I never viewed it as an absolutely terrible thing, and was rather accepting of it as a child.

These mentalities are what held me to horror since birth, and pretty much set my life into motion. Horror is able to hold my attention- something most media forms can not do.

Now, what's your reason? And if you won't go into detail about it (much like me, here, where I won't post any modern details or exact reasons, only origin), what do you think your original cause was? I look forward to reading answers, should anyone answer this.