Every day, we get entries from blacklisted subjects. Be in haunted games, lost episodes, ect. We get absolute floods of these things that can be hard for actual staff members to have to read through, every time someone places a spinoff appeal. This is my list of not very used ideas for our blacklisted subjects. (Not all are included).

  • Lost Episode: Behind the Scenes Approach

Instead of yet another "I found this tape", or "a show came on", and perhaps even "I found the company storage" story, why not make a story about the actual production of these lost tapes? If you are a talented writer, perhaps you could capture the role of a sadist whom wishes to inflict his methods on a program very well. The dark atmosphere could be projected fairly easily here.

  • Haunted Games: Inside the Code Approach

Yet again, we get another garage sale, or ghost styled story. But, what if the "haunted" games were not so haunted? Imagine a hate filed man putting secrets and hints inside of the code of a game that point to body locations, or his actual homestead? Perhaps even a story through his eyes, where you could tell about him programming the thing, if you know about technology.

  • Jeff, BEN, and Sonic.exe: The Dying Mascot Method


  • Killers: Realism Approach

First off, no shitty OC, and no ____ the killer stories. Spinoffs are still banned, even past possibility of recovery, such as a blacklist. Why does the killer have to be an edgy teen? Why doesn't he actually use a gun? Why doesn't he have actual reasons for his hatred? Fix these, and maybe, just MAYBE, you could have a standing murderer story.

Perhaps a Part II coming soon.