Horror Revised is an event I started for myself, to reimagine and have fun, but I am now opening to anyone. The rules are simple.

1) Take an old horror icon/story

2) Place in modern day (or keep it back then, but I will be putting all in modern day)

3) Add twists and turns, as not to stay TOO close to the original story

4) You can not do other creepypastas/TV shows. They must be myths/cryptids.

5) By horror icons, I mean things like Dracula, Wolfman, Black Lagoon, ect. The Classics.

6) No movies/shows. No games/books (unless the book is like Dracula or Phantom of the Opera)

7) Comment on this blog post what story you will be doing, and your vague idea!

Horror Revised is the perfect group Halloween event we can all enjoy, and can carry over past Halloween. This can be a fun breathing area for the whole wiki to read up on, and write about.

As always, have fun writing!