Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. On June 30th, today, the Scream TV show aired its pilot episode. The show is on MTV, which was a put off putting at first, but I'm here to offer some insight.

The show has nothing to do with the movies, excluding the fact it is trying to recreate the feeling and vibe of the movies. You won't see returning characters, but the new characters at least have some diversity. Of course the most interesting character is Noah, the serial killer loving guy, who walks people through how Slashers (such as Scream) typically work. This type of character is a staple in what set Scream apart from other slashers. In fact, this episode even mocks the idea of making a TV show out of a Slasher, poking fun at it. This humorous approach makes things more interesting.

As it is pretty much the only even semi-decent Slasher show I've seen (not ever bringing up the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elmstreet shows that air on Chiller as repeats every day), it is worth a watch. It's modernized, as parts focus on cellphones, hacked laptop webcams, a Youtube clone titled ClipShare or something similar to that, and so on.

I say to any fans of the Slasher genre, watch. It may be up your alley. Don't worry, it's not an MTV show as you would expect. It has drama (of course), but it isn't a drama show. It is still, at its heart, a Slasher.

I expect some sort of fanbase to grow as this season ages.

Edit/More Details: The mask no longer looks like it was purchased, which would make the killer easily traceable through purchase history. The mask seems like the killer had created it on his own, and is actually more scary looking than the original. Slashers aren't mean to be scary, but creepiness is always welcome.

"Calling Pottery Barn" is probably going to be an inside joke of Scream fans for years.