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    November 15, 2016 by ShawnCognitionCP

    I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams. -H. P. Lovecraft

    It's often said that horror, in its deepest and most original sense, is birthed from dreams. Lovecraft used his dreams as the main driving force in his work, which birthed modern horror. Dreams have influenced horror since its inception, and it will continue to do so until it is over.

    Dreams have the uncanny ability to put a show before us from our own minds in a jumbled projection of thoughts. This show is original, personal, and when it actually seems to make sense, fantastic. Nightmares, even moreso. Horror itself is a reflection of the nightmares of man.

    This blog is here for two reasons.

    1. What stories of y…

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  • ShawnCognitionCP

    Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. I'm here to speak about a specific taboo interest a lot of people have considered in life (be it lightly, or in depth), but you would assume is reserved for medical students and the like. I am, as you could see by the title of this blog, speaking about the purchase and ownership of authentic human remains.

    Whilst it's true that most vendors will only sell to medical students out of respect for the remains and to assure proper treatment, this is not true of all websites. I present to you: Skulls Unlimited. Contrary to the title of this blog, Skulls Unlimited also has animal remains available, and contrary to the website name, they sell any bone you could imagine- along with rep…

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  • ShawnCognitionCP

    Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. A little over a year ago, I hosted the Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest.

    Today starts a fresh contest. In this second run of the Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest, there is some added fun. Upon entering the contest, both judges (MrDupin and I) will assign you a cliche each. Do not begin writing your story until you have been given two cliches to work with. Your goal is to make both of these cliches work in a single story - the larger the role they play, the better.

    MrDupin and I are the judges, and we'll both be leaving reviews on the entries. The final score of the story will be the average of our two scores. Your story must meet the site's quality standards. If you wish, you can use the writer's workshop be…

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  • ShawnCognitionCP

    Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. Whilst I won't go as in-depth as many of the other blogs users have been making on similar topics, I'm simply going to attempt to state my inactivity in a very vague form.

    After starting Mantle (the final part of the In Torment series), I went into a two month period of immense business. If I wasn't at a campsite, I was caught up with friends. If I wasn't caught up with friends, I was doing some sort of odd job. If I wasn't doing some sort of odd job, I was attempting to land a full time job to start saving money. On top of this, a relative died, so a good amount of time went into that affair (burials are not easily planned). A big reason, on top of the rampant business, is that my psychotherapy sessions h…

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  • ShawnCognitionCP

    Hello, Creepypasta Wiki. I have a few things to address here, one being pretty big news for me.

    First off, I'd like to state that In Torment has been fully remastered from top to bottom. The story is now a complete retelling of the same story, but with added scenes and far superior quality- along with character development. Overall, I think I've finally given this story, the start of my long-running series, which is over a year old, the treatment it deserves as a major piece of the story arch.

    Secondly, now that In Torment has been remastered, the only thing on my checklist is Mantle. I will now begin writing this story- the end of the In Torment series as a whole, very, very soon. (Doom launches today, so give me a day or two to feel nostal…

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