Update: The Winners!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who participated in this contest.  I enjoyed all of the stories and hope you had as much fun writing them as I had reading them.  Individual score breakdowns have been left in the comment sections of each of the story pages.  In the end, the top three stories were:

1st Place- A Noel in Black by HumboldtLycanthrope

2nd Place- The Perfectly Behaved Boy - A Dark Christmas Tale by Creepy Thomas O.

3rd Place- The Cold Testament by ShawnCognitionCP

Congrats to the winners!


Hello, fellow creeps! 

Because I feel the wiki gets stale without ongoing events, and since competition tends to bring out the best in everyone, I've decided to host a contest.  This will be a relatively quick one (as opposed to JtK which took the better part of 3 months start to finish.)

The theme:  Holiday Horror.  Whether you decide to explore the true origins of Santa, his twisted counterpart Krampus, the serial killer with a snow angel fetish, or anything else your deranged minds can come up with, your story must have some connection to the holiday season, even if it just takes place during this time of year.

Timeline:  Stories are due Saturday, 19 Dec at 23:59.  Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve.

How do I enter?: Once you have written your story, simply put a link to it in the comments section here and include an author's note at the top of the story stating "This story is my entry for Shadowswimmer77's Holiday Horror contest."

How many people can enter?:  As many as I get.

How long can my story be?:  No hard limit, but try to keep it around 5000 words or less.

Who is judging?:  Shadowswimmer77.

What am I looking for?: Good technical writing, creativity, and creepiness.  If your story gets deleted from the wiki it is automatically disqualified.

What are the prizes?:  All stories will be reviewed.  Top three stories will be announced as such.  For each of the top three authors I will offer in depth reviews for up to three other stories of their choice.

Hope to get some good participation!

Current Entries:

Creepy Thomas O. - The Perfectly Behaved Boy - A Dark Christmas Tale

Sirius Nightshade- Red Christmas

Mmpratt- Dolbeer in Winter

ShawnCognitionCP- The Cold Testament

HumboldtLycanthrope - A Noel in Black

Jet.98 - 25, 26

The Damn Batman- Noel