So, I don't think I've ever done a blog post promoting a narration of one of my stories before, but this one is just a little different.

About a year and a half ago I wrote a story for a contest run by Koromo called Her Red Right Hand that, to my great surprise and pleasure, won first place and was featured on the front page as spotlighted pasta of the month. Since then, though, it has been...dead just seems too basic of an adjective but we will go with it. Almost no comments since it was on the front page, no narrations (well, one really bad one), zilch.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I submitted it to YouTube narrator Dr. Creepen hoping he'd consider adapting it. I was stoked when he decided to pick it up. I was even more stoked when he informed me it was going to be a group effort.

Raidra had a blog recently asking how you feel when one of your stories gets narrated. This one, a collaborative narration from eight different youtubers, feels pretty damn good.

I've already added the video to the wikia, but I'm hoping a few of you will go watch it on Dr. Creepen's YouTube page, maybe give him a 'like' or something. I'm pretty proud of the story, and they did a phenomenal job with it.

Thanks for reading! Link is below: