For the last 12 hours or so I've been tying up a bunch of the wiki feed, and several of the admins' talk pages, arguing to try to get a spinoff approved for inclusion on the main site. Based on the various responses from the majority of folks on the site that you don't want to tick off, it appears that what I perceived as passionate defense of my work was instead interpreted as me being unreasonable, and in some cases, insulting.

As I stated multiple times in various posts, it was not my intention to insult anyone, or otherwise make anyone uncomfortable. My sole intent was to try and make sure that the individuals responsible for denying my appeal had in fact read the story first as it dealt with spinoff material of a highly controversial nature. Seeing as, based on comments made after my first reaction to the initial denial, that at least three of those individuals had not read the work in question before that denial, I don't feel I was incorrect to question this. But, in retrospect, I could have handled it better.

I want to apologize to any of the admins, or anyone else who has happened to follow any of the exchange, who may have felt that I was being overly aggressive as I argued for my story. Certainly not as an excuse, but hopefully by way of explanation, I have been serving in the army, in particular the infantry, for the last nine and a half years. Aggressiveness to me is literally kicking in doors with guns raised, which I realize is not a realistic benchmark to expect of others. As I have looked back over my comments, I can see how they could be so negatively interpreted, and I feel terrible for any harm I may have inadvertently done.

I'd like to thank the wiki team for the, I believe, unprecedented admin discussion that happened last night. Despite the outcome, the fact that you took the time to discuss my case really does mean a lot. I neither wanted nor expected to become the center of such a highly contested issue. I accept the inevitability that the story will not make the site though I continue to respectfully disagree with that decision, and am saddened by it on a level that is frankly surprising to me. But I now hope, as several of the admins have suggested throughout this exchange, to simply move on and get back to writing good, original stories. Thank you for your time.