If anyone is interested, my second story Lights is up!  Also be sure to check out The Wicker House if you haven't already. 

As for future works I have a few skeletons of ideas that need a good deal of fleshing out but am hoping I can continue to build this overarching story that I have in I said in my first blog post, for me the devil is in the details, so I want to be sure everything works before I offer it for consumption at large. 

Personally I have loved horror from an extremely early age.  Although its actually a comedy, probably my first introduction to the supernatural was when I started watching the Real Ghostbusters cartoon at age 3....I think I ultimately owned all but about 10 pieces of that toy line.

I consider myself pretty well read in the horror genre but by no means an aficionado.  My favorite horror authors are HP Lovecraft and Stephen King with a strong dash of Stoker, Barker, Poe and Wells on the side. 

I love horror movies, as long as they are well done.  Super campy and schlocky horror doesn't really do it for me.  I love the old universal and hammer films, as well as most of the first installments of a lot of the classic slasher franchises (why do the sequels always tend to suck so bad?)

My interests tend to wax and wane and, currently, my horror and writing bugs are on the uptick together.  Feel free to drop me a line if you want to shoot the breeze about anything horror, comic book, or generally pop culture related although if you want to talk about Manga, you may be disappointed (unless its Berserk.  I freaking LOVE Berserk.)