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    So a coworker of mine and I get together about once a week to watch a horror flick. The other day we thought it would be cool to come up with our unofficial top 100 horror movies. I thought y'all here might appreciate and have some opinions on it. Now, this list is obviously not definitive, or set in stone, as we have reserved the right to bump movies off it as we find others we think we like better. Criteria for the movies wasn't anything consistent: some that made the list are just pure classics, others are "bad" movies that we just liked for whatever reason. That being said, in no particular order, the list we came up with was:

    1. Jaws

    2. The Exorcist

    3. Psycho

    4. Alien

    5. Aliens

    6. The Thing

    7. The Blair Witch Project

    8. Halloween

    9. Halloween…

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  • Shadowswimmer77

    For the last 12 hours or so I've been tying up a bunch of the wiki feed, and several of the admins' talk pages, arguing to try to get a spinoff approved for inclusion on the main site. Based on the various responses from the majority of folks on the site that you don't want to tick off, it appears that what I perceived as passionate defense of my work was instead interpreted as me being unreasonable, and in some cases, insulting.

    As I stated multiple times in various posts, it was not my intention to insult anyone, or otherwise make anyone uncomfortable. My sole intent was to try and make sure that the individuals responsible for denying my appeal had in fact read the story first as it dealt with spinoff material of a highly controversial n…

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  • Shadowswimmer77

    Hey all,

    Haven't been around much lately, hope all's well with everyone. My latest story Tunda is being featured on today. If you have time to head over and give it a read and rating I'd certainly appreciate it!


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  • Shadowswimmer77

    Writer's Arena

    July 14, 2016 by Shadowswimmer77

    Hello fellow creeps,

    I've recently pushed through several months of creative doldrums and my latest story, Tunda, is currently in the middle of a head to head battle over on the website The Writer's Arena. While I would never solicit your votes, as that would be generally tasteless (in addition to the story I'm competing against being quite good) I figured it couldn't hurt to make people aware that the battle was underway. Additionally, I figured a few of you may be interested in submitting your stories to be considered as a future contestant. Special thanks to ChristianWallis for his feedback when I submitted my first draft to the writer's workshop.

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  • Shadowswimmer77

    So I have vague memories of a VHS I used to rent from the local Phar-mor growing up. It was an animated anthology of (I think) three ghost stories. My hazy time-eaten memory recalls its cover had an old man ghost looming large in foggy blue background reaching towards a carriage racing away from it. My only memory of the stories themselves are that one of them involved something on the carriage, although I don't remember what. Pretty thin description to go on, but it scared the bejesus out of me as a kid and I've been unsuccessfully trying to track it down for a while now. Figured I'd ask here on the off chance anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about. This would have been in the late 80s, very early 90s.

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